EcoTech Carousel Composting Toilet System

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The 4-in-1 batch composter for effective processing with easy maintenance

Four composters in one system make the EcoTech Carousel the most effective and sanitary composting toilet system available.

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The EcoTech Carousel Composting Toilet System uses the biological process of composting to break down organic wastes. No water or chemicals required for clean wastewater management.

EcoTech Carousel’s superior composting speed and effectiveness are the result of its patented design, which features four composting chambers used alternately via a convenient rotating carousel base.

Toilet Stool Options

From a toilet stool—either waterless or micro-flush—a connection pipe drains through the floor to one of four chambers enclosed in an outer tank. Excrement and toilet paper products enter one chamber at a time. When one chamber is full, the entire inner chamber is moved so the next chamber can fill. Excess liquid drains to the outer container where it evaporates or flows to an engineered graywater grow-away garden, Ecocyclet®, leachfield, or tank.

Warm air is drawn into the composter via the air intake. The resulting vacuum ensures no odor escapes into the room.

When one chamber is full, the next one is turned into position, ensuring that fresh waste does not disrupt the more advanced composting materials.

The waste in the first chamber will remain to further compost, and is not emptied until the last chamber is filled. The composting process is then complete, and the resulting odor-free composted material (a soil-like material called “humus”) can be used as a soil conditioner by burying it under 12 inches of soil, or it can be removed by a septage service. After two years of composting, each chamber is emptied every six months by the owner or a service contract.

The Carousel reduces waste to as little as 10% of its original volume.

The Carousel is available in two sizes, which can be combined to create larger systems. The unique design of the Carousel system allows flexible installation in residential, commercial, school, and public facilities.


These prices are for the bioreactor only (the composting unit). Toilet stools, heaters, exhaust fan, pipe and fittings are extra, because every installation is different!

Directions for emptying the composter.


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Available Sizes


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Large Carousel Capacity

Capacity with heater: 6+ people daily, year-round use. Seasonal usage: 22 people, max. 60 days/year. Can be adapted for larger-capacity applications—call for details.

Medium Carousel Capacity

Capacity with heater: 4+ people daily, year-round use. Seasonal usage: 15 daily, max. 60 days/year