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Family’s Carousel Is in Their Kitchen Pantry!

Caro-Patti KneelingIn 1988, when Patti Nesbitt was designing her Virginia house, there was no question that it would have a composting toilet. “The bottom line for me was not to poop in my drinking water,” says Nesbitt, a former consultant to the EPA on small flows and alternative wastewater systems and a contributor to the 1977 book, Goodbye to the Flush Toilet. In her home, a Carousel composting toilet system serves one dry toilet on the second floor.

Installing the system allowed her to have a reduced-size septic system, which manages the rest of the wastewater, including a standard low-flush toilet on the first floor. “I really like it. There’s almost no maintenance” she says. “It’s a wonderful toilet, a great system. It makes sense engineering-wise, biology-wise and environmentally.”

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David Del Porto
Since 1972, David Del Porto has been a practitioner and advocate of building integrated water efficiency and pollution prevention using the ecological paradigm as a template. His solar-heated home in Newton, Massachusetts incorporated these principles as it provided space heat, food production, air purification and wastewater treatment all within an attached two-story greenhouse of his design.

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